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Liz Andra Shaw

Journey into the Creative Mind of a Writing Reader

This is Real Life #29

July 31st, 2015
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Weekly Check In

I do seem to be sleeping better, because I’m dreaming every night. Even so, my energy level is really low and I am dragging through the afternoons. I made an appointment to get some prolotherapy done for this crazy clavicle. I’ll do that on Tuesday. I am hopeful this will help relieve some of the pain.

WordPress was messing around with the spacing on this post. Was there an update recently? Even fixing the HTML manually didn’t work. WordPress just kept putting back the bad spacing. So if this ends up looking weird, I apologize. WordPress was just more stubborn that I was today.

My Instagram Post of the Week

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At home, I’m about 85% done with The Terran Gambit by Endi Webb. Although I’m enjoying it more than I expected, I’m not sure I’m ready to commit to a 10 book series. I’m in the middle of the climax now, so I’ll have to see how the author works this out before I decide.


I finished The Book of Deacon by Joseph Lallo at work. Now I’m on the second book, The Great Convergence by Joseph Lallo. I didn’t make much headway, because even though I get a 1 hour, unpaid lunch break, people talk to me about work during it. I just want to read, people!


In the car, I’m carrying Cyber Way by Alan Dean Foster. This is an art theft set in the future. Parts of the story line deal with traditional Navajo sand painting and a police investigation on the rez. That part reminds me of a Tony Hillerman novel. On the other hand, the mag levs and spinners are really cool, and I want them now! Love that part of sci fi. I’m about halfway through the book and enjoying it immensely.

The Song of the Week


Good Things that Happened this Week

    • Good massage on Monday. Got some kinks out of the deltoid and rhomboids.


  • I learned how to make a card disappear at Toastmasters Tuesday night. So… I know how, but I can’t actually do it. Something about practice?



  • It was very nice pool weather this week, until Friday when Arizona remembered that it was supposed to be the monsoon and dumped on my evening swim.

 Round and About

 Inspiration for the Week

  Peace comes from within.  Do not seek it without. – Gautama Buddha

  Monthly Practice toward Inner Peace

I have enjoyed this month’s practice of meditation. It was very liberating to realize that meditation does not have to mean that you sit quietly in a lotus position and empty your mind. I practice breathing meditation, chanting, and walking meditation this month. All of them were very effective at lowering my stress level and creating inner peace. I will continue doing them. The practice for August is mindfulness, so tomorrow, I will be working on how that will look in my life.

My Favorites on Flickr this Week

Click through on these to learn more about the artists. IMG_1241
Lola carried music with her - 8 inch square oil on woodTime passes
7G2A92952015 ICAD-55
2015 ICAD-54Garden (July 19, 2015)
Yesterday's #monoprints; today's collage inspiration #gelliplatea wet summers night

I hope you enjoyed this! Leave a comment and tell me how your life was this week.

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Liz Andra Shaw

Journey into the Creative Mind of a Writing Reader